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Turning lathe


Stock n° 13569
Maximum swing over bed 200 mm
Maximum swing over carriage 120 mm
Height of centres over bed 102 mm
Height of centres over carriage 20 mm
Distance between centres 450 mm
Length of bed 1000 mm
Height of bed 168 mm
Principal spindle ; by ac motor drive
Power continuous (machine on cast iron base) 4.2 kW
Headstock w20
Spindle for « schaublin » collets W20
Spindle speed 100-3000 t/min
Spindel throughbore (without drawbar) 20 mm
Maximum transverse stroke, x-axis 100 mm
Resolution, x-axis (on radius) 0.01 mm
Trapezoidal screw, Ø x pitch 9 x 2 mm
Maximum longitudinal stroke, z-axis 90 mm
Resolution, z-axis 0.01 mm
Trapezoidal screw, Ø x pitch 9 x 2 mm
Lead screw
Maximum carriage stroke on bed 400 mm
Trapezoidal lead screw, Ø x pitch 40 x 4 mm
Axe z 0.25-0.30 mm
Tooling system: linear
Obstruction and weight
Over-all-dimension (lenght-width-height) 1500x700x1600 mm
Approximate net weight of the machine 230 kg
Type EIP-500
2 (X/Z)
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